Never water wash your BioDiesel again!
Magnesol R60 does a better job of washing your BioDiesel, uses no water, and is university tested.
It also improves the oxidation stability of the fuel.
The average size of Magnesol R60 particles is 60 Microns. 10% of the particles are <20 micron in size.
Magnesol R60 is similar to the FDA approved fryer powder Magnesol XL, but is specifically manufactured for purifying and stabilizing BioDiesel.

Article About Magnesol R60 in Biodiesel Magazine, March 2005 (1.2 MB)
Sales Brochure on Magnesol R60 (1.6 MB)
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for Magnesol R60 (133 KB)

R Series Product Card (28K)

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